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Upcoming Events 

Sound Bath Experiences

Enter a deep state of meditation surrounded by notes and vibrations using traditional Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chimes and other unique instruments.  These sounds provide a focal point to quiet the normal mental chatter that often occur during mediation.  The vibrations produce waves of energy that stimulate our cells and amplify energetic intentions.  Spending time in this state encourages the brain to build new healthy neural pathways and leave behind patterns that no longer serve us. 

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Sounds on the Sound

Saturdays at 11:30am: 

April 20th

May 18th

June 22nd

July 20th

September 28th

October 26th

November 23rd

December 21st

Participants are completely immersed and surrounded in sounds and vibrations as two practitioners simultaneously create sounds using a variety of instruments.

Please bring yoga mat, props for comfort will be provided.

Optional Craniosacral treatment during the sound bath is also provided.


Price: $45

Community Acupunture +
Sound Bath

Monday April 8th

Tuesday May 21st

Tuesday June 11th

Tuesday July 9th

Tuesday October 15th

Tuesday November 12th

Experience the healing effects of acupuncture taken to a deeper level when combined with sound healing. Upon arrival, patients will receive a mini acupuncture treatment.You will be treated in a group setting, on your yoga mat, and remain fully clothed while needles are inserted in your head, arms, and legs. Then, enter a state of deep meditation guided by vibration & tones from Tibetan singing bows, chimes, tuning forks and more. Please bring a yoga mat and wear loose clothing that can be rolled up to the knee & elbow.


Price: $35


Sunrise Sound Bath

6:30 am:

Thursday April 11th 

Friday May 24th

Friday June 14th

Friday July 12th

Friday October 18th

Friday November 15th

Start your day right! Focus your energy, relax your mind, and spark your creative juices with this 45 min Sound Bath.

Begin with gentle stretches, breath work, and a guided meditation then settle into a soothing sound bath. 

Please bring yoga mat, props for comfort will be provided.

6:30am ​

Price: $35

reiki hands.jpeg

Reiki Soundbath

Wednesday May 8th 6pm

Special sound bath experience infused with Reiki provided by our guest practitioner. Take your healing to a deeper level with these complementary treatments. 

Please bring yoga mat, props for comfort will be provided.


Price: $45


Experience the benefits of Reiki at Centerpoint!

May 8th. 

 "Reiki emerges as a transformative form of alternative therapy, where the practitioner channels healing energy through their hands to the recipient, fostering a harmonious blend of emotional, physical, and energetic well-being." 

We are excited to be hosting a guest practitioner Chelsea Saunders, to offer Reiki treatments and a Reiki infused Sound Bath on Wednesday May 8th. 


For more in depth info on Reiki and Chelsea, visit her website below. 

Reiki Pop Up on May 8th

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